The D is shipped with a 20Gb internal hard drive as standard and a CD-RW drive is available as an option — not only can you use a Korg own-brand. 10 user reviews on Korg D MGR/TG’s review”Korg D” I bought the D in London for around £ in for recording with two guitarist. Sonic State Studio:sound cards, software, digital desks the lot is listed here with specs,links and user reviews.

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The dynamics are good, the rest I do not know yet! There is a good selection of effects types on offer, including 15 different reverbs plates, rooms, halls and a few other spaces and a smaller number of delay and modulation patches. V1600 whether it’s digital, I do not sound particularly cold. Not disappointed for two cents, I would do immediately that choice. Not that its a bad machine for beginners, but im looking for a better, more kkorg sound. See the doc on the Korg site! Tracks can also be time compressed or expanded with ,org without pitch shift and a track-optimisation routine can reorganise file storage on the hard disk to reduce the possibility of playback errors if many small fragments of audio are being used.

The D seems to be a big improvement, but the editing features on the Akai are superior. This is a little deceptive in terms of their advertising, but what are you gonna do. I found a little disappointing? There is also mic simulation, which can be used to make recordings done with a cheaper mic sound a little more ‘expensive’.

In short, the D is like a r1600, it returns what you give!

korg d user reviews and opinions

Manual could be improved but that’s getting very picky! For the moment I do not regret my purchase at all on the e1600 For the purpose of protecting such copyrights, you may not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, or otherwise reduce the Licensed Program to a human-perceivable form save as may be permitted by law.

There is everything you need for easy opration recording, editing.

Downloads | D – System Updater | KORG (USA)

I think i’ve made my decision. In working with the D I found myself occasionally wondering which screen I needed to call up to make a particular setting.

Iorg eight morg also linked to a dedicated high-impedance instrument input located on the front panel, which allows electric guitars to be DI’ed easily. The latter essentially copies the data to an alternative drive, from where it can be directly played back by the D Pass quickly over 4XLR phantom – 8 jacks – output jacks mono that is the standard, that is good even if at first was a bit plastoc!


This is just my opinion. The major issue, however, is the ease of use: For example, I would like to have been told how to do a simple track-to-track bounce when none of the preset modes caters specifically for this. The effects are very useful and easy to use korh their defaults. The only difference is a few of the features vary between the two.

I did not believe it. They are so numerous and too versatile but is it a default.

The ownership of the rights to and the copyright of the Licensed Program itself whether supplied via a storage device, diskette, download from the Internet or otherwise and the copyright of the contents of any manual or other written document belong to Korg. Of the minor criticisms, the lack of dynamic mix automation via MIDI and the inability to backup data to CD-RW were subsequently addressed in a major software update from Korg, though phantom power and multitrack digital output were things that the user still had to live without.

To have this integrated into the D provides an extremely neat all-in-one solution: You agrees that the express obligations and warranties made by Korg in this Agreement are so far as is permitted by law in lieu of and to the exclusion of any other warranty, condition, term, undertaking or representation of any kind, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, relating to anything supplied or services provided under or in connection with this Agreement including without limitation any warranty as to the condition, quality, performance, merchantability or fitness for purpose of the Licensed Program and the Services or any part of them.

This review was originally published on http: But for amateur use, it also has its good side immediately available. The D is an excellent all-in-one digital studio which improves on the D16’s already impressive specs at a very competitive price. I am song writer and like to perform my own songs.

All user reviews for the Korg D-1600

Given the lack of physical insert points and the single aux output, a consideration of the D’s internal effects processing becomes particularly important. You may not transfer the Licensed Program to another computer through a network. Bravo for the manual. F1600 number of options are available, but probably the most useful mode bounces all 16 tracks down to two of the virtual tracks.


On the PC, double-clicking on the krog will start the expansion process – follow the procedures and choose where on your computer you want the file to reside. Our members also liked: In a week I started mixing several pieces and it looks not too bad!

Last Jump to page: While anyone who has done such editing on a computer based system would probably find the process a little time consuming on the D, this will doubtless be an acceptable trade-off for those who value the reliability and simplicity of a dedicated recording workstation.

If you were one of the many musicians who read Derek Johnson and Debbie Poyser’s round-up in SOS March with a mind to making a purchasing decision, then hold back on signing that credit card slip for one moment more, because there’s a new unit now in the running: Let’s hope it lasts!!!.

These are fine for getting basic guitar or bass tracks recorded with a minimum of fuss, and the cleaner sounds are very usable.

D1600/System Updater

Too bad none of you are in Miami so we could hook up and jam. So, if you wished krog compress a microphone signal in the analogue domain, for example, you’d have to kog an external microphone preamplifier to feed a compressor connected to the relevant D input. The license created by this agreement is personal to you and you may not assign or otherwise transfer your rights or obligations under this agreement without the prior written consent of Korg.

As is to be expected, this backup function is provided on the D as standard. Those moving up from a more modest multitrack environment ought to find the transition a painless one, although the impressive specification of the D means there is plenty to learn during those first few sessions. Write a user review Krg for a user review.