The European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles ( INREV), The INREV Guidelines provide fund managers and institutional investors with an integrated set of principles, guidelines and recommendations ( including. INREV Guidelines. Please wait while the page loads up About ANREV · Management · Committees · Working Groups · Young Professionals · Strategic. INREV and ANREV members have stimulated and strongly supported the establishment of industry guidelines over the past few years. INREV has developed an.

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Standards Overview

Managers should follow the valuation best practices when determining the fair buidelines of the property portfolio and prepare required disclosures to investors. Key research publications include: The Liquidity Module helps investors understanding their liquidity rights and managers to fairly manage subscriptions, redemptions and secondary transactions. Fee and Expense Metrics. Clear reporting is essential for maintaining good communications between investors and managers.

Auditors could give negative assurance on the degree to which INREV reporting requirements and recommendations are complied with. The INREV Guidelines Assessments have been developed to assess the guivelines with these modules for managers as well as for investors. INREV aims to improve the transparency of and promote best practice and professionalism in the sector.

Non-profit organisations based in the Netherlands.

INREV prepares briefing papers on a range of regulatory issues affecting the non-listed real estate industry, such as AIFMD and Solvency IImakes available consultation papers from the European Commission and other regulators, and also collaborates with other agencies to develop industry responses to public consultations, and more.

The reporting requirements represent a comprehensive and complete reporting framework to be easily set up for any type of investment vehicle, creating the transparency that today’s investors insist on.


These include liquidity, reporting, fees and other topics. The module provides a standardised calculation methodology and allows investors to benchmark investment vehicles. Originally developed inthe INREV Guidelines have been adopted by growing numbers of investors and investment managers to help them improve performance and risk management. Oyster Consulting Bermuda Ltd.

INREV Guidelines achieve almost 100 per cent take-up

INREV publishes over a dozen reports annually on topics of interest to investors, fund managersand financial advisors. Management and non-executive officers should review the basis and adequacy of disclosure to investors summarising the level of compliance with INREV NAV requirements.

Although not detailed in the vehicle documentation, the INREV reporting module has been considered by the manager. The level of current compliance with the defined valuation framework was last formally assessed during the financial year when it was determined that the vehicle was in compliance with all elements of the intended valuation framework. If all of the requirements for an individual module are fully implemented, the manager can disclose full compliance with the relevant module.

Our library includes dozens of publications from INREV Professional Standards, including snapshots publicly available and full reports members only.

Corporate governance means the structure, processes, policies and laws that determine how an investment vehicle is managed and controlled. The INREV Guidelines are presented in an online format, allowing visitors to easily navigate and search through and view tailored guidelines for example for open end funds. Asian investors push global real estate investment to USD1. Property Valuation Property Valuation The Property Valuation Guidelines increase comparability of valuation across countries by determining an estimate of market value and fair value.


Luxembourg deepens its alternative fund roots Wed, Through the Global ESG Library, members will be enabled with robust and evolving depository of featured reports, papers, and case studies ranging from a variety of geographic locations most notably Europe, and Asia Pacific. The INREV Guidelines provide fund managers and institutional investors with an integrated set of principles, guidelines and recommendations including tools and examples for governance and information provision in relation to non-listed real estate vehicles.

INREV Guidelines – INREV Guidelines

Industry standards enable consistency, allow peer-to-peer comparison and promote market transparency. The INREV DDQ provides a standardised and well adopted framework, helping investors achieve a high level of scrutiny when entering an investment vehicle. The Guidelines form part of a growing suite of initiatives designed to promote effective, consistent and detailed management reporting.

INREV professional standards enable consistency, allow peer-to-peer comparisons and promote market transparency.

Managers should include information corresponding to INREV fee and expense metrics requirements in their annual reports and in the vehicle documentation. The vehicle documentation should describe, on a module by module basis, the extent to which the vehicle aims to be in compliance with INREV Guidelines.

Managers should include all information corresponding to applicable INREV performance measurement requirements and recommendations in their annual and interim reports. We recommend that investors and managers discuss and agree the nature of such assurance as part of the launch process.

Examples serve as a pattern to be followed by market participants to illustrate a certain standard.