Saxbryn ×× ( bytes) Hitachi SH-3 CPU (SuperH CPU core family) on a Hewlett-Packard Jornada logic board. Author. Overview. RedBoot uses the COM1 and COM2 serial ports (and the debug port on the motherboard). The default serial port settings are ,8,N,1. Ethernet is . Hitachi Semiconductor America Inc. has expanded its SH3 microprocessor family with DSP extensions to provide both DSP and CPU capabilities within a single.

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AMD Alchemy in that order. How are you going to get hold of a chipset? Or are you going to do your own? Unfortunately, I can’t help you with your question. Never heard of the Motorola ColdFire.

File:Hitachi SH3 – Wikimedia Commons

I think that Sega used Hitachi procs in their Saturn and Dreamcast don’t quote me on that one. Sounds like an exciting project tell us more about it!

Originally hitacih by Jim Z: Sorry I can’t recommend a processor, as I still have a year of high school left before I start learning real comp sci stuff.

That said, you might check and hitacyi if NetBSD will run on any of those instead of going to the trouble of making Linux work. You may want to press Intel to give you an X-Scale developer sample It would help if you gave more info about your requirements.


Shh3 all we know, a Z80 could be sufficient. If that were the case, it would be a helluva lot easier to design a system around one. There are TONS of processors designed for the embeded market.

Anything from a simple pic to an or believe it or not, the was THE best selling micro till just a few yrs ago I think it still spanks the competition in that field, which may be important if you are running it off batteries.

It is the embeded processor I used on my last project and it wasn’t bad. Makes development and debug pretty easy. Saw an article on how to run Linux on a Sega Dreamcast that looked cute, so I picked up a dreamcast with keyboard off eBay for 50 bux to play.

File:Hitachi SH3 CPU.jpg

The linux cross development tools you build if you follow the linuxdevices article are the same vintage gcc that arm uses and It doesn’t come with hirachi windoz gui debugger and jtag emulator support and all that other stuff todays pappered programmers seem to demand.

So, like Smeghead said. What problem are you trying to solve? What does the product have to do?

How much processing do you need? Do you have any particular environmental requirements like has to run under gitachi, or in space, or outdoors, or Lemme know if you need some advice.


I know a thing or three about designing PCBs and computers. AMD won’t give a rat’s ass about it Eyebot it my prof’s baby I presume y’all have some experience in embedded programming?

I’d ask BadAndy if you aren’t.

He hangs higachi the Mac Ach and Battlefront. RISC design to keep the asm easy? Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. May 8, Posts: Thu May 09, Jan 27, Posts: Nov 5, Posts: Thu May 09, 2: Jul 5, Posts: Thu May 09, 6: Apr 12, Posts: Jan 9, Posts: Deridex Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Feb 19, Posts: Thu May 09, 7: Smeghead Ars Praefectus Tribus: Honolulu, HI – a Brit abroad Registered: Feb 23, Posts: May 17, Posts: May 27, Posts: Fri May 10, 5: Sun May 12, 7: Oct 1, Posts: Sun May 12, 1: Sun May 12, 2: Land of spiders, snakes, crocs and drop bears Registered: Oct 5, Posts: Nov 4, Posts: Sun May 12, 8: Sun May 12, Mon May 13, 7: Mon May 13, 8: