Marcelo, all the topics your are asking for are covered, at least in spanish, here: ?es,,MNU;E;19;2;MNU;. More under. GeneXus Trial: Tutorial The USER will use the GeneXus programs and documentation exclusively for personal INSTALLATION AND AUTHORIZATION. Primeros Pasos: Tutorial paso a paso. El objetivo de este tutorial es brindarle una primera experiencia práctica con GeneXus a medida.

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Go to the EntityServices instance associated with the “Country” transaction.

K2BTools Tutorial – Exercise Full Text Search Filter | Article

Import the following xpz GX15 in the Knowledge Base. Search for a customer using the full text search filter and see that the search result visualization has improved. In order to do that follow this steps: Searchable property Apply the instance and run the application. Go to the EntityServices instance associated with the “Invoice” transaction.

You can direct yourself to gxtechnical. Tabs in the transaction, filters, etc There is a common scenario in which the user wants to search information but doesn’t know in which part of the application egnexus can be found.

Enables changing the instance generic template from the Settings configuration of the WorkWithPlus pattern to add variables, change the number genexue columns used in the tables or make other changes and impact of those changes automatically in all the instances created throughout the KB.

K2BTools Tutorial – Exercise 6.6: Full Text Search Filter

Improving the full text search As you can see the UI can be improved. Given an N to N type relation between 2 tables for example Companies and Currencies it is tutorual to create a Web Panel that allows the association of records of that relationship. Set EntityImage property to Images Apply tutrial instances. Marcelo 1, 10 41 Dynamic Filters – New! Armin Bachmann 2 9. In this exercise you will learn how to configure full text search filters.

  KEP 100 MBU 2002 PDF

Italia – LATU. GeneXus X tutorials [closed] Ask Question. That will be taken into account in our final decision. Allows user to select at runtime which column to filter within the grid and add new filters dynamically. With this feature, you can offer the user a more fluid and appealing interface to make search queries. Allows you to generate grids in which the end user can select at runtime the columns to display.

In order to improve this, we are going to use other properties that K2BTools has that allow the developer to improve the UI of the search results. They enable adding new controls and functionality in the form of objects generated by working directly from the Web Panel harnessing the potential of the GeneXus IDE.

Cities are not showing any image. Full Text Search Filter. Marcelo, specifically about the Database reverse engineering process with Genexus, here you can find an overview: Warning, this page is marked to be deleted!

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript geexus. Use the search field to search the name of a customer and press search. If you are using GX Ev3 import this file. Given this is a commercial product, have you considered asking the producers?

Your feedback about this content is important. Add the Customer transaction to the Full Text Search index Open the Customers transaction and verify that the “BusinessComponent” property is set to true full text search can only be used in transactions that are business components. Add the “CustomerSearchResult” attribute to the Customer transaction. These tabs can be used to group data, filters, etc Allows developer to add Tabs into any object generated by WorkWithPlus in a very simply way.


I’m currently evaluating GeneXus X, and I’d like to know where I could get tutorials either in English, Spanish, Portuguese, it doesn’t matter on the following subjects: The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: Was this page helpful?

WorkWithPlus :: Functionalities

You can save time with a preview of the objects that will be generated without having to specify, generate, compile and run. Allows you to generate WebPanels stating your form hierarchically based on user-defined templates, in a similar way as was done in WIN but with a much higher power. For more information of using full text search filters follow this link.

For this gnexus “Full Text Search” filters are a good choice. Go to teh “Transaction” node. In most cases, showing the business component preview is not a good idea.

Apply the pattern instances and run the application. This question appears to be tutoorial. In order to do that follow this steps:. Use the product and invoice tabs that appear at the top of the screen. These tabs can be used to group data, filters, etc See example. You will get all customers whose mail is located in the “k2b” domain. Allows you to select the required attributes of transactions, unifying the error messages and styles presented to the user.

For this purpose we are going to use formula attributes.

Go to the EntityServices instance associated with the “City” transaction.