Eugen Gabowitsch died on January 21st, Mischa Gabowitsch [ Moscow, Russia] lives at Paris, France Selected Publications: Fomenco et la. Dr Eugen Gabowitsch (Karlsruhe, Potsdam; Germany) It is impossible to give a full survey of Russian historical and critical research done over. Kategorie: Chronologie: Geschrieben von eino Gabowitsch. A chronological revolution made by historical analytics. By Eugen Gabowitsch (Potsdam, Germany).

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Ina Turkish sultan declared Islam as the state religion for the first time in history.

Siepe studied German literature, politics and philosophy in Marburg Germany where he later on worked as language advisor and free writer. He believes that the really documented History does not start before the 17th century and that all older documents were written after that date. The main idea of Kessler and Davidenco is that with the history of technology we can demonstrate that the normal history writing is not correct, as many artefacts – e.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

The introduction to this book was written by Gary Kasparov, who is today gabowirsch a very important role in the organisation of this movement: His prolific writing did substantially foster this aim. The most uegen Russian author living outside of Russia is the Bulgarian mathematician Jordan Tabov.

First of all I would like to ask here the question: If you do not separate these two positions or questions, in many cases you forget what euhen are exactly saying. In his first book, written in but only published inhe could show that all diplomas and manuscripts of the Middel Ages are faked. Since several years he works together with Niemitz on a critical analysis of physical methods to date historical facts, as the radiocarbon method; his book C Crash shows that this method is not trustworthy.


During decades, his views didn’t make it into the mainstream science; only a new translation by Christoph Marxinmade Velikovsky known in Germany, where he found many gabowitcsh. This mixture of people of different professions is very good for critical research of the past.

Introduction Different authors are last time speaking about a chronological revolution. Judas und das Judas-Evangelium Is eeugen an usual way of doing history? No instrument was known at the time for doing such deep and such nice holes [incisions] in this form, only if this was pressed in not jet hard concrete, special concrete, geopolymer the terminology of the French chemist Joseph Davidovits from his book The Pyramids.

In he took part in the excavation of a Keltenschanze i. Today the Sakhan autonomous republic covers about one fifth of the full Russian territory, the biggest republic in the Russian federation.

The Burning of Troy Princeton N. Augustin, Isidor of Seville etc— and all records of Councils before the 16th century are faked as well as the biggest part of Roman authors. In the s he contacted with the group of German researchers who question the chronology and writes about the catastrophes that shaped the History of the Mediterranean, based on zoological and geological facts.

Drews’ works are still fundamental for Christian theology, although the author is not very widely known in Germany today. His incentive for the thesis of the late start of Christianism was supported by Topper and proves to be accurate as more authors dig into the field. Albert Schweitzer and many others have worked on this basis.

Morosov and Fomenko knew Johnson’s books and used them for their research. I am quite sure that if I try to do a search, I can find a lot of such examples from the history of Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenia, Ukraine.

Her special interest concern the history of symbols and religions. During four decades he was activele participating in and focussing on controversies between unconventional researchers and scholars and the mainstream academic world.


Mischa Gabowitsch, son of Eugen Gabowitsch, dominates several languages. There are historical analyst which are even more radical no reliable history before ! Around he developed the critical method which allowed him to discover the faking of Roswitha von Gandersheim Hrotsvith and can serve as model for future research into the chaos of Renaissance fakes.

This is not correct: Zarnack studied Physics and Mathematics at the universities of Berlin and Munich writing his thesis on the wing movements of the locust.

Geschichte & Chronologie

In his book hundreds of examples are presented which demonstrate how the real art of the last millennium was distributed through the whole old history. SinceHaug participates in the drilling and electromagnetic measuring of tomb chambers in Germany, together with the Institut for Geophysics of the Karlsruhe University.

He learned the gxbowitsch of a scholarly critic of the Bible at the renowned theologian Walter Schmithals.

Even earlier, a European painter had been in China and came back with a picture of the Great Chinese Wall. All these — now Chinese – books have been incorporated into Chinese history as a genuine part of it. Tonight the report was featured in television news and newspapers, which ran headlines like “Chinese History Pushed Back 1, Years.

Baldauf is supposed to have worked as a professor at the University of Basle but nearly nothing is known about his person. This invention works perfectly in Europe as we have a phonetic way of writing, so all our languages use phonetic alphabet. A school teacher working in Hannover, Kammeier researched since the German History.