Though Espido Freire, now 38, is a literary celebrity in her native Spain, She published her first novel, Irlanda, at age 24, and went on to. The latest addition to my website is Espido Freire’s Irlanda (Irlanda). Freire’s first novel is the only one of her novels to be translated into English. I love Espido Freire’s Irlanda and it has always annoyed me that it isn’t more widely known. At least, now people can read it in English. Yay!.

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Email Address never made public. You are commenting using your Twitter account. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. I find it fascinating.

Feb 26, Kurai rated it it was ok.

This is an excellent novel about dealing with growing up and dealing with the death of a loved one, with a sharp edge to it. The ring of ghoulish shadows that stalks Natalia expands and there is no magic portal to help her escape. Lucille A GR friend thank you Diane found the artist attribution for the cover art on this spanish edition of Irlanda: The other three girls are friends and have very different ways from Natalia, who has had no contact with boys, limited interest in frwire and, indeed, limited social contact with anyone outside espixo family.

It soon becomes apparent that Natalia is not going to fit in here.

Especially the moment when Natalia brings up the toffee apples. This is a huge trend in modern stories of female development. The three girls do make something of an effort to bring Natalia into their espkdo and it works partially for a while but then the girls have to leave to back to their families. Instead, I was left with wonder, and a lingering dread. Amba rated it really liked it May 09, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


Irlanda is only three months older than her but seems much more nature. Want to Read saving…. You have no idea how happy I am to be reading it. At the start of the novel, Sagrario dies after a long illness.

Espido Freire – Wikipedia

You are commenting using your Facebook account. After the death of her sister Rspido, young Natalia has been sent by her mother to spend the summer helping her two teenage cousins Roberto and the beautiful, “perfect” Irlanda do minor repairs to the family’s decaying country house.

What if the perceptions she gives us of Irlanda really reflect her own fear? You are commenting using your Twitter account. Espido Freire dedicated her early years to the study and performance of classical music.

Secondly, Natalia lives in a fairy-tale world.

Maybe she not only fears death, but also an independent life. Juana rated it really liked it Dec 06, Espido Freire dedicated her early years to the study and performance of classical music.

Spare, clean prose with startlingly morbid, disturbing, and beautiful imagery; sentences that will squeeze your heart dry until you are left gasping for breath. As such, Natalia’s mother decides that in order to help Natalia escape the grief that she must be experiencing, it would be a good idea to spend her vacation off from school with her cousins, Irlanda and Roberto, in a large old house in the country.

This is a rather stranger and still stranger book that is told from the This story starts with the recent death of Natalia’s younger sister, which expected, causes the family to grieve and wanting a change. Can anyone identify the cover art nude, short dark hair, black stockings, sitting on table next to classic bust on this Spanish edition of Irlanda? Maybe—this advice to cut them out seems to stem from a presupposition that fairy tales have no power, to move or affect a reader.

Espido Freire

Natalia has not seen Roberto and Irlanda for three years and is very impressed when she arrives at their lovely house in the country. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It has been translated into several languages. This was set up two years previously with Sagrario but Natalia has continued it and continues it here. Espido Freire was born in Bilbao, Spain, in Her youngest sister is normally just referred to as the little one.


Delightful, beautiful, haunting, textured. But Natalia, unknown to the others, has two other interests.

Natalia reminds me of Hannibal the Cannibal, except Hannibal also had a scary insight into the human psyche. See 1 question about Irlanda….

She published her first novel, Irlanda, at age 24, and went on to win the Premio Planeta and Premio Ateneo freige Sevilla awards for her subsequent novels; the French version of Irlanda, translated by Eva Calveyra, won the Millepage Prize. Who, then, does Natalia really dislike—is it Irlanda, or herself?

How can a mistake like that even happen?

Espido Freire: Irlanda (Irlanda)

She seems to have had no friends other than her sisters. Her sister fades in and out, a ghost that dances and waves from behind oak trees, and like any proper fairy tale, the adults are always away.

Irlanda also eschews the traditional fairy tale irlandq that evil is cut down and only good rewarded in the end, and instead offers the reader a bleaker worldview, in which the protagonist is rewarded—but did she deserve it? Yet at the same time this mysterious turtle keeps cropping up, almost parallel to the comfort her sister seems to give her. It makes for a sad lack of reading time during the school year.