Omega Esa Repair Manual. By Vich I still think I would send it to a specialist if required a full service, a man’s got to know his limitations!. Commencement of Manufacture: Esa , Esa to make some significant improvements to the design, not just from the user’s point of view but from a service point of view also. The Omega technical manual for the cal. ESA Repair Manual. Published on June | Categories: Documents | Downloads: | Comments: 0. views. drhydro. Subscribe 0.

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ESA 9162 Repair Manual

February 19th, 1. ESA goingnot going Sorry for length below. Picked up two non working Omega f esa neither of which were going On one the pawl jewel was missing and no hum. The other movement looked ok but no hum and I noticed that the resister coil assembly had a burn mark on the plastic so after stripping the dial ,date etc from front I changed over the the resister from the other ,put in a new energiser have Renata on order from HK and low and behold it went.

I fully stripped Movement cleaned oiled and reassembled and tested ,it still went ok. I therefore assembled the day,datedial and spent a bit of time testing the day,date turnover put in battery and it went for three mins.


I have recleaned and checked connections without disturbing index,wheels etc to no avail. Have I shorted movement by using 91162 wrong per BG,s previous advice? What can I check. Last edited by Molliedooker; February 19th, at February 19th, 2. ESA goingnot going Resistors rarely fail Seemed odd to me in the beginning, but removing the tuning fork module BEFORE uncasing the movement is important especially as the friction wheel has not been cleaned and lubed at this point in servicing.

Friction wheel service is ssa important As for intermittent humming: I’ve seen a number of these with coils that appear to be “burned” Last edited by BenchGuy; February repaid, at February 20th, 3. ESA goingnot going Triple checked and cleaned all contacts and discovered the guilty party was battery contact actually repsir of.

Initially I could only get it to hum by adding a second insulator sideways and pressing the screwed down battery insitu really hard between my fingers. After taking out the repsir insulator and with some manipulation in screwing down it has been humming for 5 hours.

ESA 9210 Tuning Fork Chronograph Movement

Am guessing might be something to do with the flat top on the new energisers. Alas the wheels now do not turn. It was going so I assume I have knocked something out of sync. I am using the tuning fork exa less the resistor out of an uncased non working movement with a cased everything else.


The microscope is coming. Actually I picked up one but never having used one before found it to be wrong type. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. February 20th, 4.

ESA Repair Manual –

A second insulator will remedy this Quit hacking at tuning forks until you get a proper microscope You are not doing yourself or the watchmaking community any favors February 20th, 5. ESA easnot going Thanks for advice re battery. Misspelling probably caused the confusion.

Energizer to energiser ,resistor to resister.

Looking for a timing key for my Omega F Chronometer Watch | Omega Forums

Have turned off auto correct which has almost been as frustrating as hacking tuning forks. Your last paragraph has been noted. February 9th, September 29th, September 8th, January 4th, March 31st, Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet. The time now manuxl