View and Download Epson EMP/ user manual online. Epson User’s Guide Multimedia Projector EMP/, EMP/ EMP/ Manuals and User Guides for Epson EMP/ We have 1 Epson EMP- / manual available for free PDF download: User Manual. PowerLite┬« c/c press the or buttons on the projector to correct it. 5c/ c k Setup ment ther y. AA e r or See your User’s Guide for instructions.

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Notations Used in This Guide Attention Indicates procedures which may result in damage or injury if sufficient care is not taken. Indicates additional mnual and points which may be useful to know regarding a topic. Indicates a page where detailed information regarding a topic can be found. Indicates that an explanation of the underlined word or words in front of this symbol appears in the glossary of terms.

Projector Features Small and light B5 file size Also, when using the wireless mouse function, you can connect to a computer by a USB cable. Part Names and Functions Base Name Suspension Attach the optional ceiling mount here when bracket fixing suspending the projector from a ceiling.

Useful Functions This chapter explains useful functions for giving presentations and so on, and the security functions. Changing the Projected Image Changing the Projected Image You can change the projected image in the following two ways. Changing the Projected Image Changing Directly from the Remote Control You can change directly to the target image by pressing the following buttons on the remote control.

Remote control Changes to images from the Computer Component Video port. Changes to images from the S-Video port.


Functions for Enhancing Projection Selecting the Projection Quality Selecting Colour Mode You can easily obtain the optimum image quality simply by selecting the setting that best corresponds to your surroundings when projecting. The brightness of the image varies mmanual on the mode selected. Mode Photo When computer images are input. Functions for Enhancing Projection Freezing the Image Freeze When the moving image on the screen is frozen, the image continues to project, so you can project a moving image one frame at a time like a still photo.

Also, you can perform operations such as changing between files during presentations from a computer without projecting any images if the freeze function is activated beforehand. Functions for Enhancing Projection Each time you press the button, the aspect name manuap displayed on the screen and the aspect changes. If you press the button while the aspect name is displayed eoson the screen, epsom changes to the next aspect mode. The colour mode can also be set using “Resize” Functions for Enhancing Projection Move the pointer icon.

Remote control You can choose from three different kinds of pointer icon in “Settings” – “Pointer Shape” from the configuration menu. Functions for Enhancing Projection Move the cross to the area of the image that you want to enlarge. Remote control Each time the button is epsn, the area is expanded. You can expand quickly by holding the button down. You can reduce the enlarged image by pressing the [x] button. Adjusting Colour for Several Projectors Multi-Screen Colour Adjustment When several projectors are lined up and projecting images, you can adjust the brightness and colour tone of each projector’s image with multi-screen colour adjustment so that the colours of images from each projector match closely.


Press the [Menu] button to close the configuration menu. Each time the [Enter] button is pressed the image displayed changes between the pattern display and the actual image, and you can check the adjustment results and make corrections in the actual image. Security Functions The projector has the following security functions. Managing Users Password Protect When Password Protect is activated, people who do not know the password cannot use the projector to project images even if the projector power is on.

Procedure Hold down the [Freeze] button for about five seconds. The password protect setting menu is displayed. Contact Epson as described in your documentation. Security Functions Restricting Operation Operation Lock Do one of the following to lock the operation buttons on the control panel.

You cannot perform any operations from the control panel, including turning the power on or off. Configuration Menu This chapter explains how to use the configuration menu and its functions. Using the Configuration Menu List of Functions Image Menu Items that can be set vary depending on the image signal currently being projected as shown in the following screen shots.

Setting details are saved for each image signal. Computer image Sub Menu Color Mode You can select the quality of the image to suit your surroundings.

Epson EMP-1715/1710 User Manual

List of Functions Signal Menu Items that can be set vary depending on the image signal currently being projected as shown in the following screen shots. Computer image Sub Menu Auto Setup You can select whether, when the input signal changes, the image is automatically adjusted to the optimum state Ejp or not Off. This item can only enp selected when “Front” is selected from “Extended” – “Projection” Operation Lock You can use this to restrict operation of the projector’s control panel.

You can set epsin to display On or not display Off the source name when you change the input source, the colour mode name when you change the colour mode, a message when no image signal is input, and so on. When manul is set to “On” and the projector power cable is connected to an electrical outlet, be aware that sudden surges of electricity when power comes back on after a power outage may cause the projector to turn on automatically. You can make changes after setting “Network Protect” to “Off”.

List of Functions Info Menu Display Only Lets you check the status of the image signals being projected and the status of the projector. Items displayed vary depending on the image signal currently being projected as shown in the following screen shots.

The following items are not reset to their defaults: Troubleshooting This chapter describes how to identify problems and what to do if a problem is found. Using the Help If a problem occurs with the projector, Help uses on-screen displays to assist you in solving the problem. Procedure Press the [Help] button.

Epson EMP-1715/1710 Manuals

The help screen is displayed. Using the remote control Select a menu item. Using the remote control Confirm the selection. Problem Solving If you are having a problem with the projector, first check the projector’s indicators and refer to “Reading the Indicators” below. If the indicators do not show clearly what the problem might be, refer to “When the Indicators Provide No Help”. Problem Solving When the Indicators Provide No Help If any of the following problems occur and the indicators do not offer a solution, refer to the pages given for each problem.


Problems relating to images No images appear s p. Are the indicators switched off?

Epson EMP – Epson

Are the configuration menu settings correct? Is the projected image completely black? Only when projecting computer images Is the image signal format setting correct? Only when projecting images from a video source Problem Solving The message “Not supported. Only when projecting images from a video source Do the image signal resolution and the refresh rate correspond to the mode?

Only when projecting computer images The message “No Signal.

Problem Solving Interference or distortion appear in images Check Is the image signal format setting correct? Only when projecting images from a video source Are the cables connected correctly?

Is an extension cable being used? Is the correct resolution selected? Only when projecting computer images Are the “Sync.

Problem Solving Image colours are not right Check Do the epsn signal settings match the signals from manul connected device? Is the image brightness adjusted correctly? Are the cables connected correctly?

Is the “contrast ” setting adjusted correctly? Is the colour adjusted correctly? Are the colour saturation and tint adjusted correctly? Only when projecting images from a video source Images appear dark Problem Solving Manusl Do the indicators turn on and off when the power cable is touched?

Is the operation lock set to “Full Lock”? Other problems No sound can be heard or the sound is faint Check Is the audio source connected correctly? Did a fatal abnormality occur and the projector come to a sudden stop? Eemp power being supplied to the projector? Remedy To use the mail notification function when the projector is in standby, set “Network On” Appendices This chapter provides information on maintenance procedures to ensure the best level of performance from the projector for a long time to come.

Installation Methods The projector supports the following four different projection methods. If it is not installed correctly, it could fall causing an accident and injury.

Cleaning You should clean the projector if it becomes dirty or if the quality of projected images starts to deteriorate. Cleaning the Projector’s Surface Clean the projector’s surface by wiping it gently with a soft cloth.

If the projector is particularly dirty, moisten the cloth with water containing a small amount of neutral detergent, and then firmly wring the cloth epskn before using it to wipe the projector’s surface.

Replacing Consumables This section explains how to replace the remote control batteries, the lamp, epso the air filter. Replacing the Remote Control Batteries If delays in the responsiveness of the remote control occur or if it does not operate after it has been used for some time, it probably means that the batteries are becoming flat. Replacing Consumables Replacing the Lamp Lamp replacement period It is time to replace the lamp when: A message is displayed. Replacing Consumables Procedure After you turn off the projector’s power and the confirmation buzzer beeps twice, disconnect the power cable.

Wait until the lamp has cooled down, then remove the lamp cover.