DE NATURADEORUM. INTRODUCTION. SuBJECT.—In De Natura Deorum Cicero put before. Roman readers the theological views of the three schools. Fdbricatio hominis a Cicerone libro secundo de Natura Deorum descripta cum annotationibus Alberti Novicampiani Cracoviae. (In the British Museum. De natura deorum: Marco Tullio Cicerone ; commento di Carlo Giambelli. Front Cover. Marcus Tullius Cicero. Loescher, – pages.

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Your god is therefore neither happy nor eternal. Yet if he had not heard from him these doctrines of Democritus, what had he heard?

In the first place, how do you know what foreign races believe? That which is blessed and immortal neither experiences trouble nor causes it to anyone.

The thicker the border, the more information. On your principle it will be legitimate to assert that Jupiter always wears a beard and Apollo never, and that Minerva has grey eyes and Neptune blue. Original Language Translation Browse Bar: But argument is both inconclusive and untrue.

But you do not say anything of the sort — you say that our likeness to the gods was caused by chance. In Fish and Saunders Suppose we grant you that, dd we also to say that they are all exactly alike? What a nuisance it is to have a single finger too many!

De Natura Deorum; Academica. The book contains various obscurities and inconsistencies which demonstrate that it was probably never revised by Cicero, nor published until after his death. Ciicerone do you suppose will grant you this? No, you will reply.

M. Tullio Cicerone: De Natura Deorum : Liber primus

If the gods only appeal to the faculty of thought, and have no solidity or definite outline, what difference does it make whether we think of a god or of a hippocentaur?


These notions moreover have been fostered by poets, painters and artificers, who found it difficult to represent living and active deities in the likeness of any other shape than that of man.

For there is nothing. Yet not even the most diligent investigators could possibly collect information about all the vast multitude of creatures that exist on land and natuea the sea, the marshes and the rivers: Yes, and at Athens there is a much-praised statue of Vulcan made by Alcamenes, a standing figure, draped, which displays a slight lameness, though not enough to be unsightly.

If this were not so, why should not a bull desire to couple with a mare, or a horse with a cow? The Christian writers TertullianMinucius FelixLactantiusand Augustine were acquainted with De Natura Deorumand their arguments against polytheism were largely borrowed from it. Therefore he is dd of virtue.

This text is part of: All Search Options [ view abbreviations ]. In none of these cases did he behave very cleverly, for to parry a lighter blow he laid himself open to one that was more severe. Show by default Hide by default.

Full text of “De natura deorum, libri tres;”

Views Read Edit View history. Of course you do not. But your god has got not merely one finger more than he wants, but a head, neck, spine, sides, belly, back, flanks, hands, feet, thighs, legs.

You add, neither can reason exist save embodied in human form.

It follows not merely that the gods do not care for mankind, but that they have no care for one another. You advance a paradox, and then, when dee want to escape censure, you adduce in support of it some absolute impossibility; so that you would have done better to abandon the point in dispute rather than to offer so shameless a defence.


This work, although not written by an orthodox Epicurean or Stoic, is important because it supplements the scant primary texts that remain from Epicureans and Stoics discussing their views on religion and theology. In Book 2, Balbus gives the Stoics position on the subject of ccicerone gods. Perhaps also man’s belief in his own superior beauty, to which you referred, may have contributed to the result.

The five planets, holding the same orbit, but some nearer to and others farther from the earth, from the same starting-points complete the same distances in different periods of time. For while asserting the supreme goodness and excellence of the divine nature, he yet denies to god the attribute of benevolence — that is to say, he does away with that which is the most essential element of supreme goodness and excellence.

When you wish to make this out, you take cover in a thicket of jargon; you gave us the formula just now 30 — God has not body but a semblance of body, not blood but a kind of blood. More search options Limit Search to: Suppose that ever Lucius Tubulus, Lupus or Carbo, or some son of Neptune, 27 as Lucilius has it, had believed in the gods, would he have been such a perjurer and scoundrel?

If we base our friendship naturx its profit to ourselves, and not on its advantage to those whom we love, it will not be friendship at all, but a mere bartering of selfish interests. Political De Imperio Cn.