In her fifth Drake Sisters novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan introduces Hannah, one of seven extraordinary women who. Read “Safe Harbor” by Christine Feehan with Rakuten Kobo. **In her fifth Drake Sisters novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan. One of seven daughters in a line of extraordinary women, Hannah Drake has been the elusive object of affection for Jonas Harrington for as long as the young .

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One of seven daughters in a line of extraordinary women, Hannah Drake has been the elusive object of affection for Jonas Harrington for as long as the young man can remember. If only the stunning super-model was driven by a passion other than her career. But Jonas isn’t the only one with desires for Hannah. From the shadows has emerged a vengeful figure who stalks the beauty with one terrifying purpose: Only one man was destined as her protection.

Now, out of a storm of danger, Jonas must guide the woman he loves from a sinister darkness that threatens not only Hannah, but the entire Drake family.

Check your local Walmart! He isn’t aware of when it started, and his feelings appear to grow with each passing year.

Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan – FictionDB

As hard as he tries to reach out to her, to understand what goes on beneath her extraordinarily beautiful chdistine, she eludes him. And then the unthinkable happens and Hannah is stripped of everything she is, leaving her in a storm of danger. It is Jonas who must shelter and protect her–and guide her back from darkness threatening to destroy, not only Hannah, but the entire Drake family.

June 26, Number of Pages: The pain was relentless, stabbing white-hot like a branding iron. He could feel the breath rattling in his lungs, bile rising and reality fading in and out.

He had to stay on his feet. What the hell had he been thinking? Why did he have to christkne going back, over and over, dragging Jackson and other men down into the muck and garbage of the world? He was no noble crusader yet time and again he found himself with a gun in his hand, going after the bad guys. He was weary to death of his need to save the world. The alley was dark, the shadow of the surrounding buildings fehan above the small lane turning the edges black.

They kept the garbage container between them and the street where it seemed everyone with a gun and a knife was harboor them. Jackson checked their ammo situation. He wanted the hell out of there and was going to make it happen. The men hunting them had no way of knowing they had a tiger by the tail.

When Jackson used chriistine particular tone of voice, men died, pure and simple. They had to get past the entrance of the alley and it was blocked by the Russian mobsters. It had been a recon feehaj. An undercover agent had informed Gray and he sae to know why feehhan two rival families would be meeting. There was nothing low level about them. Brothers-in-law to Boris and Petr Tarasov, they were definitely the upper echelon in the murderous crime family, enforcers reputed to be so bloody and violent, that even men in the Tarasov family avoided them.


And when Boris stepped out of the shadows with his brother, Petr, their sage, Karl, close behind to ensure their safety, Jonas knew something big was going down. Karl was reputed to be far, far worse than the Gadiyan brothers. The group of Russian mobsters stood for a moment, all laughing together and then Karl had grabbed one of the men they were conversing with and shoved him to his knees in front of his uncles. It looked to Jonas that all of the men were Tarasov soldiers.

His face was in the shadows and it all happened too fast. Petr calmly pulled out a gun and shot him in curistine head without a single word. The violence had been swift and ugly, with no warning at all. Jonas and Jackson had gotten the murder on tape and were looking for a way out when another man walked onto the dock.

He obviously was aware of the camera, his face hidden, a long bulky coat covering his body. Keeping his face averted, he talked briefly with the Tarasovs and then everything went to hell fast.

Karl Tarasov hsrbor reacted instantly, sprinting toward the road, finding their car and driver and executing him without preamble. Bullets were flying as the Russians spread out and began to hunt Jonas and Jackson. Jackson had two knife streaks across his belly and chest, injuries suffered as they fought their way off the docks into the alley.

The mobsters wanted the film back. No way were they getting it. You put another pressure bandage on the wound in your side and no matter what, stay on your feet. Sweat dripped off his face and beaded on his body.

Because, in the end, he could always count on Jackson. Jackson melted into chirstine night soundlessly, the way he always did. His old boss, Duncan Gray, from a special ops team buried deep in the defense department had come asking. Jackson would have given him a hard look and they would have stayed safe. Nothing special, but here they were, shot to hell, and blood leaking out all over the place. Jonas opened the packet to the pressure bandage with his teeth and spit out the wrapper, slapping it in place before he could think too much about.

Fire ripped through him, stabbing so deep his body shuddered in reaction.

Safe Harbor Book Summary and Study Guide

Damn, he was in real trouble this time. He stood swaying, the only thing steady was his gun hand. Reaching into his shirt pocket he pulled out a photograph, the single one he carried, the one that mattered.

He should have destroyed it. He could see his safs face, the terrible raw truth caught on film. He was staring down at a woman and the love on his face, the stark hunger, was so evident it was a betrayal, there for everyone—even him—to see.

His finger glided over the glossy paper, leaving a smear of blood. A woman with extraordinary, magical gifts. A woman so far out of reach he might frehan well try to pull the moon from the sky. He heard footsteps and the whisper of clothing sliding against the wall. Ramming the photograph back in the pocket of his shirt, close to his heart, he shook his head to clear it.

More sweat dripped into his eyes and he wiped it christien.


The hard asses were coming in first, staying to the shadows but definitely advancing. The sweat stung his chdistine and blood ran steadily from his side down his leg, mingling with the rain that had begun to come down in a relentless pour. He steadied the gun and waited. At the end of the alley, a man dropped and the first shot rang out almost simultaneously. Jackson was hell on wheels at that distance.

Lying up on top of the roof, he could just pick them off if they were stupid enough to keep coming—and they were. Jonas took his time, waiting for a muzzle flash as one of them gave his position away by firing up at Jackson. Jonas squeezed and the count was two for them, but the entrance to the alley still looked a long way away when the stabbing fire was spreading through his body and his blood was leaking all over the ground.

He spoke sternly to himself, hoping the pep talk would keep him from doing a face plant in the muck. He heard sounds in the building behind him—the building that should have been safw warehouse empty of people. The murder caught on that video tape tonight harbir worth a lot of lives.

Jackson fired hadbor and another body dropped.

No one had ever gotten anything worthwhile on the Tarasov family. Jonas waited for the flash of return fire, but not a single bullet was fired. He groaned softly as realization hit him. They knew his position exactly. A wave of dizziness hit him hard, nearly putting him on the ground. He hung on grimly, breathing deeply, desperate to stay on his feet. Jackson came out of the shadows, blood dripping from his chest and arm, his face grim, eyes savage. He touched his knife and drew a line across his throat, indicating another kill—and that kill had come between Jackson and Jonas which meant they were surrounded.

Jonas felt his heart skip a beat. No freakin way was he going to climb a fire escape ladder three stories up. He doubted if he could have run the gauntlet, straight down the alley, but it looked a hell of a lot easier—and shorter, than three stories up. He took a breath, ignored the protest as a thousand dull knives sawed into his insides, and nodded his assent. It was their only chance to get away clean.

Jonas took a step away from the receptacle, following behind Jackson. One step and his body went ballistic on him, the pain crushing, robbing him of all ability to breathe.

He was going to die in this damn alley and worse, he was going to take Jackson with him—because Jackson would never leave him. Enemies were closing in from every direction and there was just no way he could climb that ladder. They needed a miracle and they needed it fast. There was only one miracle that he could count on, and he knew she was waiting for his call. She always knew when he was in trouble.

Still, he had no choice.