The original ccTalk protocol did not use any kind of encryption. It was thought that the security in a serial interface was so much better than a parallel one that no. The ccTalk protocol is used to transfer information and commands to various money processing device, including coin/bill acceptors and coin. The OSI 7-layer network model is of limited use for a simple control protocol such as cctalk. Whereas the task of writing software for full-blown networking.

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This article is the first part of a series about the ccTalk protocol.

ccTalk – Part 1 : The protocol — Balda’s place

Any device that receives this one needs to respond with an ACK packet ie an empty response frame. Open serial port Generate the message to be sent, calculate checksum Write the message on the serial interface Listen for the answer if any.

To reduce cost, for short interconnection distances CPI recommends sending ccTalk data over an unbalanced multi-drop open-collector interface: Notify me of new comments via email. Can be run over serial to USB converters.

Balda’s place

Binary parallel Is a variant of parallel pulse protocol where a the outputs are valid only on cxtalk edge of a clock linethis allow using combinations to represent the bill channel so 16 bills can be signaled using 4 data outputs and a clock line. It is normally not a problem, as normally only the controller sends command to devices, but if we want to sniff data on the bus, we will need to know the request before parsing the answer.


Views Read Edit View history. There is no indication about the initial request in the response frame.

A number of associated standards have emerged over the years from within the ccTalk specification. Secure peripherals require all bytes of a message to be encrypted, except for the first two bytes — the destination address byte and the data-length byte are never encrypted to allow standard and secure peripherals to be mixed on the same bus.

Regarding responses, all of them use header 0, which can be considered as an ACK packet. This library is able to parse packets as well as generate new ones using few lines of code:.

xctalk Parallel pulse protocol Only for coin and bill acceptors. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Retrieved from ” https: Email required Address never made public.

Now what i want to do is Find the CCTalk Protocol equivalent to this library function, in order for me to interact cctlak the device, without the need to call the function from the library, however im not so sure this is easy or possible hopefully someone here might have a little bit more experience with this.

I’ve been working with the default libraries provided from the supplier which I can use in Chowever i want to see if its possible Find and USE a C Function equivalent to the cctalk protocol and if possible use it directly into my C code. To test ccParse, here is a ccTalk traffic capture: Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Articles lacking in-text citations from September All articles lacking in-text citations.


Tags ccTalk ccSniff ccParse. By using our site, you acknowledge rpotocol you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. MDB serial protocol Is a serial protocol designed for vending machinesthe security is pretty high with error recoverymany kind of devices can be driven including cashless audit and age verification devices. This library is able to parse packets as well as generate new ones using few lines of code: CcTalk is free to use for slaves and host to and any producer has ccTalk version of their products.

Only for coin and bill acceptors.

Im looking fordward to integrate a coin acceptor into one of our divices. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Serial pulse protocol

The security is somehow higher due the redundancy in the data received by the host machine. Examples Here are some example packets: This specific coin acceptor CF uses the ccTalk protocol. The protocol Published on 11 August This article is the first part of a series about the ccTalk protocol. Most low price coin and bill acceptors have this protocol available by firmware or dip-switch or other settings.

The original protocol operated at baud with subsequent releases standardising on baud.