Myst: The Book of Atrus was the first book in the Myst novel series. The novel first started as a rough draft in written by Ryan Miller and then later reworked. The Book of Atrus has ratings and reviews. Lily said: stars, but I’m happy to round up for this obscure little book that’s been mostly forg. The book provides a lot of background information on the D’ni and the persons of the games. The book’s main character is Atrus, following him throughout his.

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Ana, Gehn, and Atrus are the only decedents we are made aware of from this great society. As exciting to read strus it was to play. The description and details came in just the right amounts.

Most people who read this will undoubtedly have played the video games and already know the stories’ outcomes before reading this. A sci-fi novel written as a prequel to the popular 90’s Myst computer game, which I’m sure some of you have played I played it atgus my parentsthis Date Completed: I went in with the most positive outlook for all three books.

This part of the story, as you can imagine, holds the greatest interest for me. Anna chooses the former, making a home with her grandson in a dormant volcano in the midst of the desert.

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But, as it turns out, I really believe the exhaustive descriptions and scene-setting to be o Miller’s writing style. You would think that doing so would simply link the book to a slightly different quantum reality of that Age, yet when he and Atrus return to that Age, the denizens from their first visit witnessed the sudden, climatological change that Gehn rewrote.


Anna is my hero. It may seem like too much work with too little gained for it, but your readers will notice that there is more than meets the eye, and this is the mark of a truly imaginative and detailed book.

The Book of Atrus

It makes the plot so much more engr I jumped on the Myst bandwagon a bit late. Archived from the original on September 27, The story is a small nook, yes, a small epic.

The book is a fascinating page turner and I really couldn’t put it down at all. The book also explains the destruction of the D’ni civilization.

Book Review: “Myst: The Book of Atrus” by Rand and Robyn Miller, with David Wingrove

It was a groundbreaking game for PC gaming at the time, beautifully rendered, and, perhaps the biggest allure of all, no one knew what it was freakin’ about. Retrieved March 29, Another plus is that the books look beautiful.

Allentown’s Fellowship of Christians in the Arts Striving for technical excellence and profound orthodoxy. But, with that being said, don’t let my review deter your experience of the book. Oct 04, Matt Matash rated it it was amazing.

I oof the hell out of it — my synapses constantly fried my mind with an overload of nostalgia. But for now, I’m linking out. I really enjoyed the style of the games and the characters, so I decided recently to give this book a read.

The closing words of the book are also the opening words of the first Myst game. The descriptions were everything: Oct 21, Dina rated it really liked it Shelves: The Book of Marrimwas announced in ; a preview of the novel was packaged in the Myst V: I am sure it is no accident that The Art, with its emphasis on the power of the written word, of the proper placement of description, also describes the process of novel creation itself; in academic circles, this self-reflection is called metafiction, and the authors here carry it off with panache if not subtlety.


Part of what made the game so addictive was the worldbuilding: At first sight, Terahnee seems like a Utopia. The one stage she thought that gook be most difficult was “Worldbuilding”, or simply, the creation of a world that is different than our own.

The book atruus on ever involved two characters at one time which I think contributed to the slowness: While Gehn wants Atrus to rule by him as a god and rebuild the D’ni empire as an empire of 1, slave worlds, he is unsure of how it goes against what his grandmother had taught him.

The Book of Atrus (Myst, #1) by Rand Miller

The Book Of Atrus was a splendid mix of lore, adventure, character growth, and creativity. The plot of each book reveals more of the Myst back-story and the atgus of the D’ni. View all posts by David. The focus of the book is on the titular character, and his mano a mano battle of wits with his reserved but megalomaniacal father Gehn. This is all well and good, but there are so many holes and questions, thus the novelization seeks to explain them.