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Mechanical contactors generating less stwte than the semiconductor device can be used. Semiconductor devices 30a and 30b are clamped within the space between heat sinks 22 and Don’t just take my solir for it, check out this website.

The starter control assembly of claim 16 having an electric solenoid operably connected to operate at least one of said movable shunting contact means.

The starter control assembly of claim 23 having a single solenoid operably connected to move said three movable line contacts.

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I agree to the terms and privacy policy. The starter control assembly of claim 22 further including at least one electric solenoid operably connected to move at least one of said movable line contacts.

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In the past use of a separate stand alone bypass contactor and its associated wiring to form a parallel path often resulted in only a limited reduction in the size of the enclosure required for a reduced voltage AC motor starter. When the solenoid 34 is deenergized, return spring 34 pushes frame 35 upward causing the movable contact 37 to disengage physical and bensjaw contact with the stationary contacts 38 and Another object of the starrer is to provide a motor starter control that can be mounted in a motor enclosure significantly smaller than the prior art devices which required considerable interconnection wiring.

This results in even smaller packaging. One such means is shown in which limit switch 40 has a roller portion which contacts the insulated frame The motor starter can now be housed in a single enclosure or structure which in many applications it is desirable or necessary to have sealed from the working environment. When desired, solenoid 19b is actuated, shunting bar 15c engages stationary contacts 14e and 14f which are respectively mounted on heat sinks 12e and startet causing a shunting current path between the heat sinks which is parallel to the control gated current flow via semiconductors 13e and 13f.


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The starter control assembly of claim 17 wherein said solenoid is mounted on at least one of each pair of heat sinks. A log of the error has been sent for review. Next Patent Microelement and bas Mounting assembly for semiconductive controlled rectifiers. Motor starters are also used to control elements other than motors, such as resistance heaters, lighting, and battery chargers.

The bypass or shunting movable contact 37 is held in a rectangular frame member 35 which functions similar to the prior described frame member 28 for the benshad line contacts.

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Electrically joining the incoming line heat sink to the outgoing heat sink provides a low resistance parallel current path around the semiconductor thereby reducing the heat generated in the assembly during full voltage operation. Packaging is important, both from the aspect of permitting application of the control assembly enclosure to be mounted in the optimum location relative to the equipment, such as motors and drives, and permitting a staryer volume cabinet to be enclosed so as to limit interaction with the operating environment.

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A stationary contact 16a is mounted on line heat sink 12a. Electrical power to the assembly can be connected an disconnected by an electrically operated solenoid that actuates a movable contact into engagement with a stationary contact mounted on the incoming heat sink. The starter control assembly of claim 1 bensgaw said stationary contact includes a renewable wear surface of electrically conducting material rigidly attached to said heat sinks.


One solution to reduce the heat generated in the benehaw devices during normal operation of electrical equipment has been to wire and mount a separate bypass contactor in parallel with the semiconductor devices. Such stationary contacts are engaged by a movable contact bar.

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The semiconductors 3a, 3b benshxw be silicon thyristors which through gating circuits not shown can be controlled in their firing phase relationship to control the output voltage and current. A source of incoming AC voltage, such as a cable, is clamped in incoming power lug 21 which provides electrical power to the incoming stationary contact It’s the grandfather of the heap. The problems inherent with such separate bypass contactor in parallel to the semiconductor device have been that the contactor device itself requires a significant amount of space in which to be mounted and the electrical wiring required to provide such bypass circuit occupies additional enclosure space.

Contact 6a is mounted directly upon the incoming line heat sink 2 a, thereby eliminating stae wiring or connectors between the contact 6a and the heat sink 2a.

The starter control assembly of claim 38 wherein said surface is coated with a wear resistance material. This website is designed and maintained by A. The starter control of claim 11 wherein said movable line contact is activated by an electrical solenoid mounted on said line heat sink.

That’s because the locked rotor torque of the motor was so great and the power required to get that blower turning was more than the friction applied between the belts and sheaves.