A detailed mechanical descrip- tion is given in the section Mechanical Characteristics of the full datasheet. Figure lead LQFP Package Pinout ( Top View). AT91SAM7S-EK Evaluation Board User Guide . One CD-ROM containing summary and full datasheets, datasheets with electrical and. AT91SAM7S Microchip Technology / Atmel ARM Microcontrollers – MCU datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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Archived from the original on You may need to clear your browser cache to see the updates. Sorry for the ugliness of the below code. Atmel has additional documents, such as: Any ideas why I need to set my flash datasheef state to 2 to get it to work?


The JTAG header is used for programming and debugging. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Is the 55 MHz spec only good for running at a higher voltage than the spec recommends that wouldn’t make sense to me? So if you hear back from support in the mean time, please post datasehet response; otherwise, I’ll submit these questions once I can access that support site and post the response that I get.

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  D.P.R.581 95 PDF

I’ve been unable to locate any definitive text in the datasheet that says “these are all the possible sources of system peripheral interrupts”. Qualcomm SnapdragonSnapdragon Samsung Exynos It is that time of the year when we need to pay for web hosting and buy new components and equipment for new tutorials. As you can see, I tried putting infinite loops in all the unexpected interrupt handlers. Sorry to have to admit it was at91sa7ms to cockpit error.

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AT91SAM7S Microcontroller Circuit – Minimum Supporting Components

I tried saving this file several different ways using a variety of editors, but I can’t get my carriage returns to work in this forum When I run the code, it doesn’t stop on any of the infinite loop spots in the ISR. Either an external 3. The bottom line is I’ve got to study the datasheet much closer to see exactly how the different interrupt modes work, to figure out how my code got so lost in this infinite loop with the system peripheral interrupt in the first place.

The system peripheral interrupt service routine This is just an example of my confusion.

I’ll fix that, but that just showed that none of those interrupts were ever enabled. In any case, 50 MHz at 3. Here’s my system peripheral ISR code, minus all the define’s to keep this post shorter.


You can help by making a donation. However, qt91sam7s I increase the input voltage from 3.

Contribute to this website by clicking the Donate button. Atmel ARM-based processors are microcontrollers and microprocessors integrated circuitsby Atmel a subsidiary of Microchip Technologythat are based on various bit ARM processor cores, with Atmel-designed peripherals and tool support.

Broadcom BCM Freescale i. Best regards, orc Reply Start a New Thread. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer.

AT91SAM7S system interrupt

MCK was set to 48MHz and the flash wait state were set to 0! But I really need that extra 5 MHz for my application. Atmel made efforts to adapt advanced peripherals and power management that at991sam7s very little power and can operate independently without having the CPU core powered up sleepwalking.