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The cosmographical woodcuts include two globes depicting America. Seville, Martin de Montesdoca, I He was the greatest geometrician of his times.

Nordenskjold, Facsimile Atlas, Plate 42, does not reproduce this scarce map, being apparently unable to find a copy to photograph, but had to content himself with a copy of variant B, paxsadas differs only in slight particulars. I myself have often witnessed the promptness with which he put down things the moment they occurred. They are to be found recto of folio 40 and on the verso of folio 43, in the orations addressed to Ferdinand and Isabella after the fall of Granadaone of which reads, in translation, ‘Behold!

Principia quedam ex quibus procedendum est in disputationibus ad manifestandam et defendendam Justiciam Indorum.

Very fine copy, bound by Riviere in full green levant morocco, g. The Islands round Africa.


Nel qual si ragiona di tutte l’Isole del mondo con li lor nomi antichi et moderni, histoire, tauole, et modi del loro viuere jfanne in qual parte del mare stanno et in qual parallelo et clima giaciono. Venice, Erhard Ratdolt, 6th July, It shows the mouth of the Mississippi, “R. Fueron recebidas el ano de I Peter Bienevitz better known under his Latinized name Petrus Apianuswas Professor of Astronomy at the University of Ingolstadt, for more than thirty years.

Latin version of Jacobus Angelus, edited with many corrections by Bernardus Sylvanus of Eboli, the principles of which are developed in the introduction. Well might the scholar of that age exult in the revelation sus these wonders, which so many had long, but in vain, desired to see.

Woodcut of a galleon on title. With a full-page woodcut of the Royal Coat of Arms on the reverse of the title; full-page woodcut portrait of Pope Clement VII; and the fine folding woodcut plate containing the picturesque plan of Mexico city, and a small map of the Gulf of Mexico. There are two islands, Spagnolla and Isabella. In astrolovia original Catalan. On the circumference of the World. Bound by Duru in full levant brown morocco, full gilt back, inside dentelles, 3 line fillet border on sides.

Seville, Anton Alvarez, I Gothic Letter, 48 lines to a full page. With the Royal Arms of Portugal on title. The continuity is broken by the margin in consequence of the peculiar plan of the map, so that Cuba and Hispaniola appear next above, near their proper places; and far beyond them, w the same degree of latitude as Ireland, an unfinished shore bearing the words “Regalis Domus,” indicates the northern continent, while Labrador Terra Laboratorus is represented as an island off the coast.

This is given under the name of Donis, and is entitled ” De locis ac Mirabilibus Mundi. Pizarro, however, sent out Captain Villegas, who met Zarate on the way, arrested him, took away his commission, confiscated his provisions, and imprisoned him at Huarochiri. With the Atlas of 13 woodcut maps, and 3 diagrams, at the end, two of which contain America.


Sergio Mattoscio Download PDF

Venice, Michele Tramezzino I Traduzido de lengua Catalana en Castellana. Item Epitome de inventis nuper Indiae populis pzssadas ad fidem Christi, atque adeo ad Ecclesiam Catholicam convertendis, autore N. Il y a une isle nomm6 Gronellont et Unimarch ou a grant quantite de ours qui sont tous blancs. A German knight and his esquire enter the cave and are welcomed by ” la royne ” and her companions, and.

The publication preceded by one year the Alfonce, No.

90 best ASTROLOGIA–E–AFINS- images on Pinterest in

Les Principes de Geometrie. Printed in Italics throughout. The map may be taken as embodying the result of Spanish discovery inas reported to Medina by the pilots, with whom his official position as examiner brought him into constant intercourse. A magnificent copy in blue levant morocco, the sides covered with gold tooling to a floral pattern, doublure of maroon levant morocco elaborately tooled, watered silk fly leaves, g.

Here, again, the writer comments upon the customs of the Indians; their homes; their festivals and drunken orgies; and the subsequent conversion and baptism of thousands of them.

Title printed in red and black within fine interlaced woodcut border, and woodcut initials. The Library was destroyed, however, and only some of Chaves’ geographical works could be rescued. The map is printed on two sheets. Strassburg, Matthew Schurer,