Redirect Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. As I have said elsewhere (at great length,) I am not a fan of TSR or the AD&D game system. A few years back, I was handed a stack of material to review for the . Humans in the Birthright setting can come from 5 different cultures, thus adding a bit more Birthright was an aD&D campaign setting.

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ISBN Buy at Amazon The Book of Priestcraft “Priests are more than mere physicians tending the wounded birthrjght healing the sick – they are defenders of the realm, champions of their god, and the politicians of Cerilia. The primary races of the Birthright setting are typical for Dungeons and Dragons based game-worlds: Anuire is a domain much like medieval Europe; Khinasi is a medieval Arabian scene; Brechtiir has the feel of Renaissance Germany; Rjurik is a Russian Viking world; and Vosgaard is a domain of Mongol barbarians You can find those for free on line.

With effort it could be streamlined into a magnificent story for yourself and your fellow players.

Birthright – Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Just look at what happened to Firefly The line was suspended before the publishing schedule was complete. Another downside for me as the DM was keeping track of what all the NPC birtjright would be doing month by month in order to keep the setting dynamic. I ran a Birthright campaign for a few years. Perhaps it was to many cumulative years of mass marketing mentality model working against it at that point.


Birthright – 1d4chan

The abilities granted, by this heritage can be benign or malign, physical or mental, active or passive. Higgipedia December 10, at 9: That isn’t appealing to people add&d don’t like change. What I remember from Birthright was a boatload of Realms books and hardly any actual adventures.


Compared to Planescape, Dark Sun, and even Spelljammer, it could not have looked worse.

Special maps illustrating the maritime areas surrounding Cerilia make it easy to add a naval dimension to any campaign. Wake ar&d the Ravager Dark Sun Online: If the Chimera drives the Brothers out, the trade routes through the Chimaeron may be sealed, leaving the seas free for the Khinasi to monopolize trade.

Kobolds and Gnomes are listed as existent monsters, but are not available as character races. Now the cog was only three or four cable lengths ahead and quickly racing into dangerous shallows.

An army of orogs and ogres is gathering to the Warlock’s banner: It was a technically well-done product line for sure. Abominations of Cerilia “Cerilia: Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.

Retrieved 16 July That, and I think the mechanics for Birthright were not yet ready for primetime. Law holdings represent the legal authority of regents in the province while temples and guild holdings are the religious and economic aspects of a province. Pietroschek July 11, at 1: In a colossal explosion, they destroyed themselves and Azrai. It requires more skills on the part of both players and DM. It’s hard presenting an innovation or at least a revival in game play when you have existed for too long on mostly selling canned settings and adventure.

The wealth of information that was published for it only made my stories more involved and colorful. Ultimately a setting like this fails for lack of interest by a larger portion of the buyer’s market. And that’s where Birthright comes in.


Bloodtheft is a direct strike to the heart of a blooded individual. Look out for the awnsheghlien.

I felt like TSR had finally put out a game world tailored to my tastes; it had a great fairy-tale vibe, and I loved the clearly-drawn human cultural analogues really appealed birthroght my history nerd side. Humans in the Birthright setting can come from 5 different cultures, thus adding a bit more personality and stat bonuses to your characters.

Regents can also choose to build castles, muster troops, issue decrees, establish treaties, etc.

Birthright (campaign setting)

Cerilia itself is divided into five regions, each named after the primary human group that first settled there:. There are kingdoms to run, guilds to bolster trade and intrigue, temples to spread the words of the gods, and magic sources to power spells that would make Raistlin turn green with envy. The Hero-Kings of legend are your player characters from your campaign, who even now shape the course of Cerilian history.

It was a cool idea but it really need a clear way of show players and DMs what ad&s do with the ad&c. Netherwerks Hadn’t seriously considered it other than as a thought experiment, but now I am really feeling the demons in my head demanding birthhright get out.

Those who control the continent’s magical energy can call upon forces incomprehensible to the rest of its inhabitants. I think what killed it for me was a combination of what Porky said “