n Light Weight. For footnotes refer to the last page. IRHM REF: MIL-PRF- / TOAA. This datasheet has been downloaded. 2N 2NU. JANSR (K RAD(Si)). JANSF (K RAD(Si)). ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TC = +25°C unless otherwise noted). Parameters / Test. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Microsemi, N-Channel.

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If electrical failures exceeding 1 percent of the datsheet are detected after the second retinning operation, the lot shall not be supplied to this specification c. The inductors are open coil E.

Dle ana tons Is inches unlees atherwlae specified. Steve Jackson Program Manager i Date.

However, Motorola is aware that, on some other programs, parts with pure tin finish have been identified, even though, the requirement for 2n7629 tin finish was imposed. Center contact finish; gold Outer contact finish; gold Housing and body: Summary of the plating requirements for electrical components and risk assessment. The manufacturer may have a pure tin finish plating that is used on some product.

The thickness shall be 7 62 pm to microinches Both the package and the leads are gold platted. The thickness shall be to microinches The leads are 2n726 as gold plated in the DPA picture to the right.


The average thickness of all points measured shall be 7. H – Copper-aluminum -si hcon-cobalt alloy alloy.

2N (IRF) – Repetitive Avalanche Rated and Dv/dt Rated HexFET Transistor: v, 26a, N-Channel

The specified lead composition see 12 1. The type will be defined on the specif lcet Ion sheet. Told working screws max mn he capable of meeting permcahilitv and strength requirements simultaneously. Composition shall be 50 to 70 percent tin remainder lead. The intent of this appendix is to identify any mechanical part that does not have adequate requirements to prevent the use of a pure tin finish.

Use of tin-lead Sn-Pb finishes are acceptable provided that minimum lead content is 3 percent. Use of tin-lead finishes are acceptable provided that the minimum lead content is 3 percent. AD core sizes ran be provided in non- metallic phenolic or plasticaluminum, or CVB Guaranteed Voltage Breakdown coated aluminum boxes. The 27269 for these capacitors is multi- layer, unencapsulated, monolithic. Thickness shall be 7. The matte-tin plating shall contain no more than 0.

El Acrobat Reader Jr.

Cores are available in all IEEE standard sizes and over 1, special sizes. The package finish is not specified. The materials and coatings Shill be it specified f toe 3. Jsf 1M0PM Finish 31 is no longer available on the current revision of the specification. For explanation of superscript codes following XXXX. B – Gold plated 50 microinch minimum. Government see St, S2, and S3.


A pure tin finish is not prohibited. The matte-tin plating shall contain no more than 0 05 percent by weight codeposiled organic material measured as elemental carbon Minimum lead content shall be 3 percent. This note prohibits the use of pure unalloyed tin finish on all surfaces.

2N7269 Datasheet

Magnetics No Yes 3. Summary by part number with the quantity used per assembly for the electrical components. Capacitors covered by this specification are classified by style as specified see 3 1 1. Consists of the tetter M. The materials used for the coil forms datasbeet variants of the following materials: